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the day talking up the latest ideas to improve the economy as we move closer to the mid-term elections which could see massive overhaul on capitol hill. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. we'll take a live look outside on this monday morning. it is labor day, september 6th, 2010. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. at the start of the holiday weekend, we were talking about hurricane earl as its effects were being felt on the eastern shore. apart from rain and rough surf, the delmarva did not get hard- hit at all. but check out what earl did do in canada. this is video out of nova scotia. it brought down huge trees and lost power to a quarter million
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of people. it hit the maritime province as a category one. >> let's check in with tucker barnes for the forecast. >> the upper 70s and lower 80s and going to be the same today. let's get to it and talk about current conditions. and we're off to a cool start. 40s out there. look at winchester, 47 degrees. hagerstown, good morning to you, 51. 58 at dulles. 52 in frederick, 63 here in town. if you are lucky enough to be waking up at the shore, ocean city, 53. should be a great looking afternoon. bright sunshine expected throughout the day and high temperatures back in the middle 80s. there is a morning look at your satellite radar. very quiet conditions continue. a few clouds off to the west. we'll have one or two clouds spill into the region, but we need shower and thunderstorm activity and it's not in the cards for several days. a lot of sunshine, beautiful afternoon. 85 degrees. winds out of the south at 5
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miles per hour. i'll have more details on the forecast. we'll be near 90 toward the middle of the week. those details are coming up. allison. and a quick reminder for redline riders. metro is working on safety improvements recommended by the nssb. takoma, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont are closed. metro said you should add 40 minutes to your travel time and it is running shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont. service resumes at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. let's get the latest on the morning commute from lauren demarco. always happy to see you. >> and always happy to see you as well. give yourself plenty of time heading back from the beach. they are recommending that you leave before 11:00 a.m. to cross the bridge toward annapolis. the beltway looks great.
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a live look from montgomery county. a little bit of sunshine there, but all lanes are open and running at speed both on the inner and outer loop in maryland and virginia in fact. 66 inbound also looking very good. no problems leaving route 50 fair oaks. eastbound past nutley street toward the beltway, no slowdowns to report. 95 and 395 look great. the h.o.v. restrictions are lifted for all major area highways except for route 50, the john hanson highway and the reversible roads are carrying two-way traffic. back to you. >> for the latest weather and traffic updates and recommendations about apps for the droid and blackberry, go to our top story this morning, allegations of election fraud in prince george's county. >> we are talking ballots sent to residents telling them who
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to vote for. it turns out they are bogus. sarah simmons is live in largo with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. many times candidates hand out sample ballots before voters head into the polls. alley handed out pamphlets for candidates they endorse. there is a similar ballot out there and some say it is completely wrong. angela alsobrook knew something was wrong as soon as the fake ballot arrived. >> it listed me as running for two different offices. it had me as a candidate for state's attorney and for the court. >> reporter: on the sample ballot, the democratic party has her for state's attorney. that's the real ballot on the left. the fake one is on the right and looks very similar. but alsobrook said it's the details that give it away. >> the worst part is that this
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is an illegal document. it listed "citizens for change" and no corporation is registered. >> reporter: once you it open, the fake ballot shows you the opponents. >> it's a violation of campaign law to have a committee that does not commit. >> reporter: senator muse blames three candidates listed on the fake ballot. his opponent albert chatmon and kriselda valderrama and jerry mathis because he saw their supporters handing out the ballots in oxon hill. >> i went to the three candidates who were carrying it and i said these are fraudulent, you can't carry these, but having potential lawmakers say to me, i don't care if we're breaking the law, we're going to carry them for three days and that was basically the response until we
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-- until the police went out and put them down. >> this is one of the things that made me leave politics. >> reporter: glenn ivey said the criminal investigation will take much longer than the election so there is really only one way to punish those responsible. >> make sure you figure out who is doing this and punish them at the ballot. >> reporter: now not only do muse and brooks say that citizens for change doesn't exist, they looked into it and there is a phony treasurer and phony address listed as well. we've tried to contact the three candidate that muse accuses of handing out the fake ballots. so far we have not heard back from them. live in largo, sarah simmons, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. jim graham is slamming a new political robo call that attacks ward one representative on the issue of abortion. it references a wash city paper report that graham paid for an abortion with his personal credit card and was later repaid by a former staffer.
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now in part the recording said, quote, paying to take a life is evil. jim graham is wretched, immoral and doesn't deserve to represent us. the challenger denies any involvement. city officials say more than 3300 people headed to the polls for early, new early voting locations on saturday. polls will reopen again today at 8:30 and will stay open until 7:00 this evening. voters are casting their ballots ahead of the mayoral primary. adrian fenty is facing off against vincent gray. there is no republican challenging. and if you missed the debate between d.c. mayor fenty and chance ill chair gray that we held here on friday or if you want to watch it again, go to our website at and you'll find a link on the top of the home page. new this morning, police accuse a teenager of driving
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drunk after this accident in oakton, virginia. a car slammed into a tree around 3:00 this morning. the 18-year-old driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence. three passengers in the car went to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. students of the university of maryland's college park campus are being told to be extra careful and be aware of sour roundings after three -- be aware of your surroundings. this happened at hardwick road and princeton avenue. officials are urging students to keep their guard up. >> be aware. walk with someone else. don't walk by yourself at night. >> i go jogging by myself, but i usually go with a friend. >> if i feel threatened, i would try to call 911. >> august 29th a group of muggers approached three students waiting for a bus and robbed one of them. two days before that, something
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similar down the street at the clarion park hotel. police do not know if all of the attacks are linked. president barack obama is using labor day to rally labor. he is heading to wisconsin for a big union rally, hoping a new economic message will help turn his party's fortune around. doug luzader has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: this labor day may highlight what could be the biggest problem for the white house right now. a struggling jobs market. the president back from the quick camp david getaway. a holiday weekend cut short as he prepared to board air force one for a one-hour visit to milwaukee. he'll talk to one of his strongest constituencies -- labor unions and pushing growing jobs, including a proposal for research and development tax cuts, an idea that may garner some republican support. >> we always like to see a deathbed conversion, but the fact is if we would have done
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this kind of thing nearly a couple of years ago, we'd be in a lot better shape. they're just flailing around. >> it's not a deathbed conversion. there have been a series of tax cuts for businesses, but in looking at the pace of the recovery, thank goodness we're growing. >> reporter: and many democrats are running away from the president for the mid-term elections. one notable absence at the president's rally today is wisconsin democratic senator russ feingold. >> their agenda for a variety of reasons is not as strong as the republicans and i think one of the problems the democrats have this election is getting supporters to the polls. >> reporter: the white house thinks a strong economic message this week may help turn things around. on wednesday the president travels to cleveland to unveil this new jobs plan.
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in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> doug, thank you. it is expected to be a month- long rescue of miners. now it is tension for some family members. find out what happened when two women found out they were holding a vigil for the same man. >> that is quite unfortunate. >> very much so. also just ahead, craig's list pulls it's adult services section. the move comes after years of pressure and a critical open letter from the state's attorney general but it could cost them tens of millions of dollars. and we'll take a live look outside. beautiful start to this monday morning and nice and cool out there this morning. we'll get this latest weather and traffic on this labor day holiday coming up next. it's now 7:11. !% what's that?
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7:15 right now. how is this for a 7:15 view on a monday. >> i feel like going down there. >> just driving across the 14th street bridge with no traffic? >> yes. >> you can do it. it's a holiday and happy labor day to everybody. it's a holiday if you're dying for one of these days where after 90 some degrees, it's a cool start to the day. >> after one of the hottest summers in history, we're starting to cool down. we're cool this morning. temperatures in the 40s out to the west. places like winchester in the 40s and hagerstown. >> you have a weather watcher fan. syndey said i think it's going to be a cold winter on our weather thing. >> it will feel it after the heat we're used to. >> i hear people saying it's cold but i disagree. i think it's absolutely beautiful. let's get to it. temperatures here in town, 62 degrees. a number you haven't seen at
7:16 am
reagan national since early june. so about three months since it's been this cool. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour, pressure is up, 30.17 inches. let's see what we can find on the national map. a lot of quiet. there is a new tropical storm you can see it there, that's tropical storm hermine. quiet from california right to the mid-atlantic. should be a great-looking day for us. with a warming trend in the next couple of days. our highs by wednesday will be near 90 and then cooling down near the end of the week. it's been two weeks since we've seen rain. i know we need it. and many of the lawns getting brown. unfortunately no rain in the next five days. maybe next weekend. but enjoy today. 85 for the afternoon high. >> really kind of perfect. >> yes. >> thanks, tuck. lauren demarco with maybe the toughest job of the day,
7:17 am
trying to find some traffic. >> it is tough. which is good news for anybody out on the roads. if you are riding metro rail, give yourself extra time, 40 minutes or so on the redline because between fort totten and glenmont stations are closed and that's the case until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so again on the red line plan delays for 40 minutes today. new accident 95 in virginia, southbound before 644 in springfield. off to the left, not causing much of a problem. as you travel in the district, let's take a live look from trafficland. new york avenue inbound at florida, reports of an accident. now in this trafficland shot we see everybody moving at speed, so it doesn't appear to be causing much of a problem. again delayed volume and it's easy to get around the wrecks, just watch out for that. as you travel in maryland, things looking good on the beltway. no problems in prince george's pennsylvania avenue.
7:18 am
montgomery county running at speed. and 277 and 66 check in incident-free. keep in mind on our area highways, h.o.v. restrictions are lifted through the holiday except for route 50 the john hanson highway. back to you. >> for the latest weather and traffic updates and linkings for more information about our apps for your iphone and droid or blackberry, go to despite the federal holiday, several dmv offices will be open today. they are still trying to clear out the backlog of driver's license applications. as people could not apply for day because of a computer glitch. those in alexandria, leesberg are open with more information and go to for more information. making headlines this morning. the failed blowout preventer is being sent to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis. bp pulled it out of the water over the weekend.
7:19 am
the job took longer than expected because the device had developed crystals on it. that complicated the recovery. the equipment is a key piece of evidence in the spill. now the drama surrounding the 33 trapped chilean miners. this time the drama is above ground. two women realized they were praying for the same man. one his wife, the other his mistress. not a good situation. they ended up getting into a heated argument, some other family members squabbled over who should get the miner's paychecks during the time it gets to rescue them. they had to send up a note designated who should get their salary. >> not good. >> that's not a good ending for that gentleman when he comes back up. all right. a popular internet hub takes down some.
7:20 am
marianne rafferty has more. >> reporter: a black bar with the word censored now in place over craig's list controversial adult services section. >> these prostitution ads enable human trafficking, assaults on women, they are flagrant and rampant. >> reporter: the move comes after years of pressure and a critical open letter from 17 state attorneys general in august. >> we don't believe that this will be the end of the effort. we think that we need to make sure that they will follow through on what they've done. >> and so what this really is by the attorneys' general is show boating. >> it's not clear if the shutdown is permanent. the ads which cost $10 to post and $5 to repost are expected to bring in over $44 million this year. >> a lot of money was involved. but craig's list is doing the right thing voluntarily. >> reporter: craig's list is refusing to comment. this change could shake up the site. >> it's actually much safer than if this were driven underground and of course it is
7:21 am
now going to be driven underground. >> the internet can be a place of great promise and benefit, but it also has a lot of peril and these ads were simply the dark side of the internet and craig's list can provide a model for other effective action. >> reporter: the federal communications zini protects liability for what is put on the site. it is not clear what law will appear on the ads. >> these are still available outside of the united states. jet blue said the flight attendant steven slater was fired sometime last week after an investigation into the incident. but his attorney said that's not the case. he resigned and his legalling was not the airline's decision. you'll recall, he made national headlines when he cursed out
7:22 am
passengers and grabbed a beer and deployed the emergency exit slide to leave the plane at jfk. and a race against time as crews try to save a worker trapped in a trench. and more heroic, several people saves after being trapped on a sinking boat for nearly a day. and holly has traveled back in time to the 16th century. she's at the maryland renaissance festival and we'll check in with her in just a few minutes. it is 7:22. [ thinking ] if only there were a place where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage, that would be awesome. sure, like that'll happen. don't just think about it --
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new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section making headlines, a maryland man in critical condition after being trapped in a trench. he was a member of water company working at a complex. he was trapped. rescue crews were eventually able to dig him out. a rescue off the coast of
7:26 am
south carolina. >> several people saved after being stranded on the water in a day. officials say the boat started sinking saturday when the engine compartment flooded. the boat owner's wife contacted the authorities when the group didn't return home at the expected time. the four adults and three children were taken to the hospital for evaluation. 7:25 right now. and coming up next on fox 5 morning news, it is one of the most significant moments in world history. japan's surrender in world war ii and now there is a whole new way to see it. you'll get a good look on fox 5 coming up next. and let's take another live look outside. beautiful morning here in the capitol. we'll get the latest traffic and weather coming up next. it's 7:26. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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top stores. claims of election fraud. candidates say fake ballots are circulating and that he may be illegal. the ballots claim state senator anthony muse endorsed the candidates listed and then when you flip it over it tells you to vote for his opponent. that is one of three people muse blames for the fake ballots. >> and then i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones carrying it and i said to them, these are fraudulent, you
7:30 am
can't carry these. but having potential lawmakers say to me, i don't care if we're breaking the law, we're going to carry them for three days. >> this is one of the type of things that made be decide to leave politics to start with. >> the fake ballot listed candidate alsobrook as running for two positions. citizens for change is listed as the group responsible for that campaign committee doesn't even exist. meantime turnout for early voting in the district of columbia remains strong. city officials say more than 3300 people headed to the polls when four new early voting stations opened on saturday. they were closed yesterday but will be open today starting at 8:30 and stay open until 7:00 tonight. voters are casting their ballot as head of the september 14th democratic mayoral primary. incumbent adrian fenty is facing off in a heated race against vincent gray. there is no republican challenger. if you missed the debase between -- debate between fenty and gray here on friday, or if
7:31 am
you would like to watch it again, do so online at you'll find a link on the top of the home page. 7:30, and 62 degrees right now. >> nice, isn't it? >> wow, what a difference. >> a huge difference. we have 40s off to the north and west. i'll show you those in a minute. coolest morning in about three months. so not your imagination. if you feel like you need a jacket, you can do that. >> you will take it off later, right? >> oh, yes. temperatures back in the 80s. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. no complaints. a lot of bright sunshine. and yesterday was a beautiful day, allison. >> sure was. >> a lot of sunshine with highs in the low 80s. reagan national topped out at about 82 degrees. well it did top out at 82. dulles 79 and dwi marshall 78. we're going to be warmer than that today. i think we'll all be if low to mid-80s. still not much humidity and chances for a shower and or
7:32 am
thunderstorm activity close to zero the next couple of days. 62 now in washington. i mentioned that's a school start for us. 55 in gaithersburg. check out the 40s, martinsberg, 46, winchester 47. cumberland, 45. so a cool start in the mountains to the west. warmer toward the bay. annapolis is 67 and in leonardtown we are 59. great looking start. bright sunshine throughout the day. a nice day if you're lucky enough to be down at the beaches or going down for one last swim. nice from new england into the carolinas. clear skies. so good looking forecast there. out to the west, cloud cover. i don't think anything more than one or two of the clouds will make it into the washington area. most of the energy is north. and our next chance for any rain shower doesn't arrive until saturday. so we'll be dry all week. a good forecast today. 85 degrees. get out and enjoy it. a lot of sunshine. j. a touch warmer than yesterday with winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour.
7:33 am
overnight tonight, a couple of clouds moving through. not quite as cool as it's been. 64 for the overnight low. so warmer tonight with winds out of the south at about 5-10 miles per hour. there is a look at your five- day forecast. we are going to warm up. high temperatures by wednesday about 90 degrees and that's a cold front that comes through on wednesday. cooling us down for thursday and friday with highs back into the low 80s. so the next couple of days going to be absolutely perfect. that's a look at the forecast. steve, back to you at the desk. if you are taking metro today, if you're planning on taking the redline, these five stations are still closed. metro continuing to work on improvements recommended by the ntsb. so takoma, silver spring, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont stations are closed. metro said you should add 40 minutes of travel time. they will continue to run shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont and they will resume regular operation tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
7:34 am
in time for the commute. and let's check in with lauren demarco. >> we see things pick up into the afternoon with folks heading back to the beach and vacation over the weekend. but right now things look very good. we do have an accident southbound 395, let's take a live look at that. it's just south of edsel road toward 95 and the mixing bowl. everybody is moving to the right and getting by it without much of a delay. so good news there. now your northbound traffic both the main lands and h.o.v. lanes of 95 and 395 look good. let's look at the 14th street bridge. will you see you are wide open, heading from virginia into the district without any delay. no incidents reported there. things look good in the district. accident reported new york avenue at florida. not causing much of a problem because of the lighter volume. now your h.o.v. restrictions are lifted here. 95, 395 and all of the area highways except for route 50, the john hanson highway. let's look at that heading back from the beach.
7:35 am
across bay bridge, you are at speed, no problems to report. they did recommend you get to the bridge before 11:00 a.m. to avoid the holiday rush traffic. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and for the latest traffic and weather updates any time, plus links for more information about our apps for your iphone, your droid or your blackberry, go to well for decades it sat in the basement of a retired naval captain's house and now an amazing film is brought to light. >> it exposed important moments in world history. the surrender of japan in world war ii 65 years ago. and only on fox 5, the victory like never seen before. here is tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: it is one of the most widely recorded moments in history. >> it is sunday september 2nd, 1945. >> reporter: black and white images from the day the
7:36 am
japanese surrendered at tokeco bay, ending world war ii. but one man on that day omethin by few people until now. >> it was my father's film so it was in his basement until he passed away. >> reporter: bill cosco's father is buried at arlington national cemetery. when george cosco died in 1985, he left behind momentos during his time as a meteorologist and navigator in the navy. >> this is an al bum my dad put together from photographs he obtain add board the uss missouri. >> reporter: including what could be the only color film of the japanese surrender at tokyo bay shot by himself. >> he had access to color film left in the locker and nobody was using it at the time. >> reporter: after his father died the family sent the film to the naval historical center here in washington, d.c. but
7:37 am
with the 65th anniversary with the surrender approaching, bill cosco decided it was time for the world to see what his father had filmed. >> what we are doing today is hopefully color correcting and restoring this print. >> reporter: a company in dollars donated time to piece it back together. >> we have a little break here and i'm going to tape slice it back together. >> reporter: 65 years of storage made the film fragile. >> it's shrunken so much you can see the corner of the film. >> reporter: but the newly restored 9 minutes ever -- minutes of film has many excited. >> it is a beautiful piece that we have not seen before. >> reporter: ron estherline said the film is rare not only because it was shot in color but shows more than just the surrender ceremony. >> it begins several days before the event. and in doing so, it reveals a
7:38 am
portion of the importance of the event, the true meaning of the event. >> reporter: including a japanese officer being transferred from an american destroyer to the uss mosby a high wire with charts in hand to help the ship avoid mines in tokyo bay. >> i do not believe that had been recorded in motion picture film. that is absolutely unique. >> reporter: the film provides new details about the day of the surrender ceremony and the cloud formations. >> he said the cloud formation was a v and that was v for victory. >> we normally see macarthur, nimitz and the japanese foreign minister and the japanese general staff sign the document. what we don't see is that it is signed by representatives of every nation of the great alliance in the pacific. >> reporter: new images all caught from bill cosco's father as he stood on the navigation
7:39 am
deck witnessing an event that changed the world. >> i think he would be proud. i think he would be proud about this and the fact that this initiative is still alive. >> reporter: the film will be sent to several museums and military institutions across the country. cosco wants the film to act as a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many. >> i'm retired military and i know the contribution that the military has made to this nation and i think this is one more way to acknowledge that. >> reporter: after 65 years in the dark, a moment in history now in living color. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. 7:39 right now. coming up, the redskins had sent their final roster down for the season and it does include albert haynesworth but that doesn't mean you can pencil him in as a starter just yet. more after the break. and the end of combat operations in iraq means many troops will be coming back home. but after the initial hugs and
7:40 am
tears of being reunited with families, there could be many hurdles to overcome and we'll take a closer look at the emotional and physical toll that coming home can have for both the troops and their families. that's coming up in our next hour. hi. i'm jim perdue.
7:41 am
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the redskins have now set their 53 man roster. dallas week now officially underway. and there is good news for the offense. several sources say shanahan is confident donovan will start against the cowboys on sunday night. the situation with haynesworth not so clear. the post is reporting he may not start in the regular season opener because of a disappointed performance in thursday's preseason finale. according to the report, mike shanahan has lost his patience and during practice on saturday haynesworth only took part in a few plays. coach shanahan is not commenting on the latest haynesworth incident. in the meantime, the redskins made their final cuts
7:44 am
over the weekend. the biggest name released, running back willie parker. he's the former pittsburgh steeler standout. wide receiver terrance austin was also released. he led the offense in receiving in the preseason. austin has been named to the practice squad. only two of the redskins four draft picks made the 53-man roster. >> you have to do what you think is best for your football team. the worse thing people do is to keep a draft pick just to keep a draft pick. you get the people that give you the best chance to win. and 50% -- if you get 50% of your draft choices and that makes a football team, you had a heck of a draft. college football now. big games today for two in state rivals. the maryland terps facing navy. and the game is neutral territory at m&t bank stadium in baltimore. 21st meeting between the two. the first since 2005. the midshipmen have the honored
7:45 am
holding a lead in the matchup. ralph friedgen likes the idea of competing for maryland bragging rights. >> i really think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state, but also just whether we play in basketball or football, it would be a great rivalry and something would you look forward to. we need a rivalry in our situation and i think an in- state. on the high school grid iron. it is time to vote for the high school football game of the week. this is our choices for the game of the week. to vote go to and click on the sports tab. >> i'm not too excited about fast willie. >> not about him losing his job. >> but about playing for the redskins. >> but he's not.
7:46 am
>> but i thought you would have a comment. >> hopefully he'll get picked up somewhere else. >> i just had to look it up. >> i'm not impressed. football back is so is the cool weather. and today very pleasant. highs back in the mid-80s. so good-looking forecast. let's get to it and talk temperatures. >> an isolated shot. >> very manly. >> let's go to the computer because i only have a minute and i'm using it all. let's go to temperatures. 62 degrees at reagan national. 50 in frederick. winchester 48 degrees. so plenty cool out there. i'm hearing complaints that some people came in this morning say it's too cool. i disagree. i think it's nice. 66 at patuxent naval air station. watching the area high pressure, watch this carefully, it will pass right in front of the sun later this afternoon. you'll see it when it happens. and as it pushes off to the east, there is goes, it will continue to give us nice weather. our winds will shift out of the
7:47 am
south. so a little bit more humid today, tonight and tomorrow and warmer into the middle of the week, but all in all this is a great forecast the next several days because tie temperatures toward the end of the week is only in the low 80s with overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. so cool starts to the day and a nice finish. a cool start for the next several mornings. okay. i'm out of here. >> you think you are, but you are not. let's check if with lauren demarco. >> plenty more weather. you're not going anywhere, tuck. out on the ride, things looking good. light volume because of the holiday. an accident southbound 395 in virginia. let's take a live look at that from trafficland. south of edsel toward the mixing bowl and springfield, the left lane is blocked. there is police activity. they are clearing out of the scene. but it was not causing much of a delay because of the late volume. everybody had been moving over to the right to get by.
7:48 am
it looks like lanes have now been reopened. northbound 95 and 395, the h.o.v. lanes pointed north but the restrictions are lifted for the holiday. that is the case on all of the area highways except for route 50, the john hanson highway. and keep in the mind in the district, reversible roads are carrying two-way traffic. nice ride around town. no problems on the inner or outer loop in maryland or in virginia. 270 and 66 running well. wrapping things up with metro. if you are riding the redline today keep note that between the takoma park and glenmont stations, those stations are closed for track maintenance. so you can take a shuttle bus from fort totten to glenmont and vice versa. they do plan for a 40-minute delay so give yourself plenty of extra time heading out on the red line today. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. allison, back to you. >> lauren, thanks. and for the latest weather and traffic updates plus links
7:49 am
on more information about our apps for your iphone, droid and blackberry go to holly is at the maryland renaissance festival. good morning, holiday. >> reporter: good morning. merriment abounds here. we are live at not just the renaissance festival, but the second largest renaissance festival in the country. this place is so popular, they opened by 10:00 yesterday and the costumes were gone right away. we'll tell you how you can come have your 16th century fun coming up. stay with us. dasou tsa
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
holly this morning traveling back in time, centuries back in time. >> she is at the site of the renaissance festival where each year they recreate the village of revel grove. >> reporter: and it's important to know the year. this year it's 1543. earlier i said 1534. you have to know the year because every day king henry viii shows up and you have to get the right wife for the
7:53 am
right year. he was married to katherine par. but you need to come and immerse yourself in the 16th century and it's easy to do because they have 1300 participants that take you back in time. like the company of st. george who is hanging out with us this morning and we'll check in with beth wilkins who is in the role of mistress beatrice hampton. >> good morning. welcome to revel grove. >> reporter: it is my pleasure to be here. tell me what you have here. >> this is our renaissance festival and we bring history to life before your very eyes. it is like stepping into a time machine with us and we'll bring you back to 1543 with all of the wonderous members of our household who will teach you all of the goodly skills that a man and woman do need in the time period of our year of our lord 1543. >> reporter: and what are we learning now. >> this is mistress mable who
7:54 am
is our silk woman and she is teaching the ladies of the household to weave and do embroidery and it is a very easy task. i did just learn myself for as midwife i do not have a lot of extra time to do such tasks. but it is very simple and every woman should know how to do these things. >> reporter: and as midwifes you are responsible for helping bring >> it is my grandest duty of all and here i am showing the lovely birthing chair that we would use when a woman has a very difficult labor. we would bring her from her bed and police her in the chair and the earth's natural forces would help to bring forth the stubborn child. >> reporter: speaking of difficult, is that top comfortable. >> oh, yes. it's very comfortable. >> reporter: i'm just checking in. i want to immerse in the time period. i want to check in with the men that happen to be up here as well this morning. so i'll work over here and hello, sir. >> good day. how fair you this marrow?
7:55 am
>> reporter: well. >> and now i'm testing my knowledge of the anatomy of the body. i'm working on the face, putting on the brow and working on the eyes. making my man whole once more. >> reporter: and so what can i learn from you? >> well if you wish, i do have some good challengers over here for a child and adult alike. i don't know if you recognize what you see here. tis the heart. >> reporter: it goes over there. why i'm asking is because when you come out here, you and your kids can come and meet with [ inaudible ] and go to the stations and learn something and in the end you can become a honorary member of the company. and there is one more person i want to check in with and i'm saving him for last because he looks like he's the most important. hello, sir. >> hello, had lady. i'm sir richard long and in charge of the lands here. and you look like you may have committed a crime, my lady.
7:56 am
and i think you may have been guilty of the worst crime. we have the crime of treason. the first thing we do with a trader and put her in the pillary. if you kneel on the block there. put your head in there, look down. put your hands there at the wrist. look down so i do not pinch you. there you go. >> reporter: what does he mean about worried about pinching me. >> save that for later. and now we have a traitor confined her. >> reporter: is our website. if you want to come and have fun, come on out to the renaissance festival. it's here now through october 23rd and 24th. and we have a link so you can find directions and stuff. but i don't know what you heard. but i watch channel 5 all of the time -- okay, every once in a while i might watch a show on another channel, but for the most part i am totally loyal to
7:57 am
channel 5. >> not what i've heard, my lady. after the application of the whip, we'll see. >> i'll be there in a couple of hours. >> reporter: i'm not going anywhere, steve. >> hang in there, holly. it is 7:56 right now on this monday morning. it is labor day. and we're going to check out your labor day forecast and also traffic. it's a great morning if you need to get anywhere. but there are some trouble spots and we'll let you know. and the oops in the oval office. what is wrong with this extreme makeover. fox 5 morning news will be right back with that and more. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer ceusme
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8:00 am
the primary just over a week away, but accusations of fraud already coming out in prince george's county. we are live with a look at the problem. the president goes on a new economic push this week with a trip to the midwest. i'm marianne rafferty and that story is coming up. and also at 8:15, a look at reasons why you should put together a living will. and then at 8:30, author of the book called i love a man in the uniform. we look at the domestic side of military affairs. and how to make your resume
8:01 am
stand out in the crowd. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and tucker barnes is joining us with a better look at the labor day forecast. >> my favorite time of the year. warm afternoons, cool overnight and if the morning. >> very comfortable. >> very comfortable. a nice day today, just like yesterday. a little bit warmer. but no rain and no thunderstorm activity expected today. we need the rain but we won't get it but that's good news because i know for the holiday people have out door plans. 62 degrees, humidity 65%, winds at 6 miles per hour and pressure up will keep us dry. and generally clear and sunny for the next couple of days, nice and quiet as most of the storminess is shouldn'ting shouldn'ted -- shunted off to the north. and winds will move this afternoon and nice and warm afternoon with highs back in the middle 80s. so good looking forecast. i'll have details on a 90- degree day and cooler air
8:02 am
toward the end of the week. >> it looks good, tucker. >> going to be fantastic. and let's check in with lauren demarco. >> things looking good out there with the light volume because of the holiday. we do have an accident reported on 66 westbound before 28 and centreville. off on the right shoulder and not causing any delay. you will come upon that abruptly and watch out for that scene making your way west. inbound 66 a live look from trafficland. a smooth trip past nutley toward the beltway. you do look very good on 95 and 395. keep in mind h.o.v. lanes are running northbound but restrictions are lifting for the holiday. as you head inbound on route 50 the john hanson highway, restrictions are not lifted. here we are at sandy point. very nice trip across the bay bridge right now. if you are headed back from the
8:03 am
beach, recommendations to leave before 11:00 a.m. to avoid the holiday rush. and if you are traveling metro on the redline today, we do have closured between glenmont and takoma park. all of those stations are closed. they do have shuttle buses running but give yourself an extra 40 minutes if you are taking the redline there today. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. two teenage girls are recovering after a drive-by shooting in northeast. one of them is in serious condition. this happened last night on 53rd street. a man in his 20s was also shot. no word this morning on any suspects. students at the university of maryland are being asked to be on alert after a string of off-campus attacks. the latest was around 2:00 on sunday. a man was beaten up and mugged. this is the third off campus attack in just one week. >> just always be aware and walk with someone else, don't walk late at night.
8:04 am
>> i go jogging by myself but never out here or at night. but i usually go with a friend. >> if i ever feel threatened or feel that there is something, i would just try to call 911. >> on august 29th three students were waiting for a bus when a group approached them and then robbed one of the students. two days earlier there was a similar apack in the parking lot of a hotel down the street where three students had just finished a night of karaoke. police are trying to figure out if the crimes are collect -- connected. fake ballots are circulating and now candidates are playing the blame game. sarah simmons is live at a polling station in largo with more details. >> reporter: as you know many times the candidates do pass out sample ballots before voters head into the polls. and this year governor martin alley and democrats have been handing out pamphlets talking about who he is
8:05 am
endorsing. but there are some candidates saying there is a similar ballot out there but it is completely wrong. angela alsobrook knew something was wrong as soon as the fake ballot arrived at her parent's house. >> it listed me as running for two different offices. it had me listed as a candidate for state's attorney as well as for the clerk of the court. >> reporter: on the sample bolot, the democratic party has endorsed her for state's attorney. that's the real ballot on the left. the fake one is on the right and looked similar. but alsobrook said it's the details that give it away. >> the worst part is this is an illegal documents. it listed "citizens for change" and there is no campaign listed in maryland. >> it is a felony, a federal offense, a violation of campaign law to have a committee that does not exist.
8:06 am
>> reporter: senator muse blames the candidates listed on the fake ballot. his opponent albert chatmon, house of delegate candidate kriselda valderrama and jerry mathis, because he said he saw supporters handing out fake ballots during early voting in oxon hill. >> and i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones candidates and i said this is against the law and you can't carry these but i had potential lawmakers say, i don't care if we're breaking the law, we're going to carry them for three days and that was the response until the police went out to make the candidates put down the ballots. >> this is one of the things that frankly made me decide to leave politics. >> reporter: glenn ivey said the criminal investigation will take much longer than the election so there is really only one way to punish those responsible. >> make sure you figure out who is doing this and punish them at the ballot.
8:07 am
>> reporter: not only do muse and alsobrooks say citizens for change doesn't exist and the listed phone number or the address for the treasurer is phony as well. we've tried to get in contact with the three candidates that muse is alleging are behind this ballot and so far we have not heard back from them. live here in largo, sarah simmons, back to you. councilman graham slamming him on the issue of abortion. it references a washington city report that he paid for an abortion with his personal credit card and was later repaid by a former staffer. it said paying to take a life is evil. jim graham is wretched and immoral and doesn't deserve to represent us. his challengers den any involvement. with 15 million americans unemployed, democrats and republicans are sparring over the economy. the president will try to soothe discouraged americans with a trip to the midwest. marianne rafferty has more. >> reporter: president obama
8:08 am
hits the road this weekend on a new economic push. first stop, milwaukee, the republicans hit the sunday shows pushing their own strategy. >> we need to brings checks and balances, tell the american people if we get back in control we're going to check this obama agenda that has no limits and we're going to bring about balance by controlling spending. >> the american people want us to stop spending. they have lost confidence in this administration's ability and this president's ability to get this economy going again. >> reporter: mr. obama will unveil a proposal for a payroll tax holiday and tax credits for business research and development. he's expected to encourage companies to bring on new hires. democrats are defending the president. >> they're offering nothing new. the same old policies that led this country this close -- senator graham about the right and left ditch, they lead us into the ditch. >> we are climbing out of a ditch. we have to keep climbing. there are a few of us that have
8:09 am
used that. but the democrats have built the ladder and we're climbing again. we have a long way to go, as long as people are hurting. >> reporter: on the president's trip to the midwest this week, he'll try to keep the country's chin up. on wednesday he heads to cleveland where he'll unveil this economic plan. marianne rafferty, fox news. it is now 9 minutes past the hour on this monday morning. it might be tough to think about, but putting together a living will could save your family from making tough decisions. >> coming up more on what exactly a living will is and how to put one together. and then a big oops in the oval office. find out what is wrong with the extreme makeover. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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♪ ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit!
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oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. making headlines this morning, the u.s. combat mission may have ended in iraq, but the violence has not. u.s. troops provided covering fire for iraqi soldiers when bagdad headquarters came under attack from heavily armed militants. 12 people were killed. no americans were hurt. at least 28 people were
8:13 am
hurt in a bombing outside of a mosque in southern afghanistan saturday night. now this happened in the middle of prayer. police say the bomb was detonated next to the mosque and blame the taliban but residents think the bomb was dropped from a plane. last week we showed you the oval office's makeover and this week we are learning there is apparently a typo in the new rug. the rug with the presidential seal with famous quotes, and the arc of the morrow universe is long but it bends toward justice is attributed to martin luther king, jr., and it belongs to theodore parker, an abolitionist who died in 1860. >> so it was a misquote, and not a typo. >> what do you do. >> like somebody had to notice that. >> what do you do? >> can't remake the rug, can you? >> but we can show everybody
8:14 am
the coolness factor. and we'll get that right if it takes two tries. and to the coolness factor of the day. and this is caylee everybody. caylee just turned 5. and allison, guess what she loves doing? >> horseback riding. >> she loves riding horses. i think gurvir would like to meet her. >> look at how cute she is. and she's got total command. >> and that's a big horse. >> that is a very big horse. and that's very impressive. if you think about it, i would be scared to be on that horse. >> and she's so young, too. she's 4 years old. >> just turned 5. >> she'll turn 5 soon. but wow, look at her. she's adorable. >> we love it. >> caylee, happy birthday to you. and if you're out horseback riding today, you couldn't ask for a nicer day. high temperatures topping out in the middle 80s. to send us your child's picture go to and click on the morning tab. let's get to the map. 65 degrees now at reagan
8:15 am
national. that is a nice start. fredericksberg, good morning, it's 60 for you. winchester 56. hagsers town 53. we had overnight temperatures in the 40s. so what a nice start to the day. ocean city looking just fine at 64. should be bright sunshine down at the boardwalk today. in fact most of the country featuring nice weather. a little shower and thunderstorm activity in the northern rockies and a new tropical storm, winds now 45 miles per hour. you can see it in the center of your screen, south and east of brownsville, texas. down there in the western gulf. that could make it's way into texas in the next couple of days. tropical storm hermine. and beautiful forecast. quiet forecast. it will get warmer around here with highs near 90 by wednesday but the cold front late wednesday will cool us down and high temperatures thursday and friday only in the low 80s. so a face couple of days. that's a look at the forecast.
8:16 am
let's see if traffic is doing just as nicely. lauren demarco has the latest. >> what an easy day for julie wright to be off. not much going on out there. a nice and easy ride across 14th street bridge. welcome sight this time of the morning. no problems on 95 or 395. h.o.v. lanes are running northbound and lane restrictions lifted except for route 50, john hanson highway. lanes are open both in virginia and maryland, leaving springfield on the inner loop past robinson terminal toward 66, no delays or accidents or incidents to report. 66 itself looks good, as does the beltway in maryland. as you travel 270 southbound, very nice trip out of germantown all the way down past rockville toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. allison, over to you. >> lauren, thank you so much. well if you became ill and you weren't able to make your treatment wishes known, would you trust a relative or doctor to make those decisions for you?
8:17 am
it's a harsh question i know, but facing it now could help you in the future. joining us to talk about living wills is wayne zel, president of zel law and a specialist in estate planning. also a washington business journal columnist too. >> correct. happy labor day. >> thanks for coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> it's such an important topic. a lot of folks don't know exactly what a living will is. tell us what it is and who should draw one up. >> a living will is a narrow document but it is not how you handle property when you die. it's a document that says and it declares your wishes and said if you are terminally ill and death is imminent or if you're in a persistent vegetative state, meaning you are permanently unconscious, then you direct the withholding of certain life prolonging procedures. now there is a long laundry list of procedures, not only is it respiration, being hooked up to the respirator, but it may
8:18 am
include artificial nutrition and hydration and antibiotics or kidney dialysis. >> how specific do you need to be and this means you need some help. you can't just sit down and scribble something over the weekend. >> well a lot of people try to use the internet. there are basic forms of standard living wills that all states have. but remember, first of all, each state has their own rules regarding what a living will can and cannot contain. number two, there are certain formalities that have to be executed when you execute a living will. for example in florida you have to have a separate living will separate from the power of attorney. in virginia, maryland and d.c., many of us combine the living will with an advanced medical directive or health care power of attorney. it might require two witnesses in some staces. in other it's doesn't require any witnesses. so make sure you go to somebody competent drafting living wills
8:19 am
so they can properly draft it and execute it. >> do you think, wayne, this is never going to happen to me or anybody i know. this happens to other people. but who exactly should draw a living will? >> everyone over the age of 18 should have not only a living will, but a health care power of attorney. and a regular durable general power of attorney over their financial affairs. so you think many of us have children, i just have a daughter who started college this fall, she should have a living will, she should have an advanced medical directive so, god forbid, something happens to her, she's appointed somebody who can make decisions for her regarding her health care, she can make decisions regarding her finances so somebody can come in, if she's incapacitated and exercise that decision-making authority over her affairs if she's not able to do so herself. >> so basically an adult. >> any person of the age of majority should have a living will, an advanced medical
8:20 am
directive or health care power of attorney and general power of attorney. >> we're all gathered around the hospital, the bed and our loved one is there and this person has drawn up a living will but can't let that person go. can a family member come in and over ride the wishes of a living will. >> that's a good question. if you have a living well that expressed what your desires are, then a family member accident have the power to come in and overturn your wishes. in fact, that's why people have living wills and often they don't designate anyone other than their physicians to exercise the power to terminate life or withhold life- prolonging procedures because our loved ones have a very difficult time in making that decision. >> if i did mine today and then the next day decide i just want to be here regardless if i'm on a feeding tube, can i go back and strike everything on that living will that i drew up and draw up another one or don't have one at all? >> a living will or power of
8:21 am
attorney can be revoked or changed at any time while you have capacity -- while you are able to make decisions for yourself, you can make changes or just revoke it in its entirety. >> it's hard to talk about but it's important. >> it's a tough decision. >> wayne zel, thank you for being with us. >> over to you. they have been trapped underground for more than a month and now the chilean miners are finally getting to talk to family members. that story when we come back. and then we are going back in time once again to the 16th century as we check in with holly morris at the maryland renaissance festival later here on fox 5 morning news.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
there is another major milestone in the gulf cleanup. bp has pulled the blowout preventer from the water. device had developed crystals on it. it is a key piece of evidence in the spill because it allowed the rig to explode. one month into the ordeal and tensions are rising with some of the family members of the 33 trapped miners. one of the miner's wives and
8:25 am
mistress has been keeping vigil. they didn't know about it. they realized they were praying for the same man. they got into a heated argument. some have been squabbling over who should get their paychecks and for the first time they are talking to miners in a video conference. >> daddy, how are you? i love you, dad. we are waiting for you here with a lot of kisses. >> i love you lots too. plenty of kisses for you. >> the rescue operation and drilling is expected to take several months. the other thing is a side story. an unfortunate side story. >> that might keep that man wanting to stay underground a little bit longer. 8:25 on this monday morning. life in the military is not easy for the man or the spouse. >> coming up, the author of i love a man in a uniform with a look at the domestic side of military affairs. and tucker is back with the look at the forecast. the morning started off on the cool side, especially out to
8:26 am
the west. find out if we can get one last day in at the pool or pain a quick run down to the beach later today as well. >> tucker is not the only one working in the weather department on this holiday. kennedy the weather dog is here too. but it looks like he's not laboring too much. he's sort of chillin. >> that's what he does best. >> fox 5 morning news will be right back. hey, boy. , t [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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65 degrees now at 8:29. let's take a look at stories making headlines. joran van der sloot is now confessing to extorting money from natalee holloway's parents. he has publicly said he killed her and then retracted his confession several times. he's also been charged with killing a peruvian woman. van der sloot said he wanted to
8:30 am
get back at her parents for making his life tough for years. craig's list has shut down the adult services selection with a word of "censored." it was not filtering out ads for prostitution and child trafficking. and metro rail stations for glenmont, wheaton, forest glenn and silver spring are being repaired. shutting buss are available. the hope is to have everything back open in time for tomorrow's morning commute. let's check in with tucker and look at our forecast this morning. >> picture perfect today. nice start to the day. temperatures overnight in the 40s and in some spots off to no 60s here, in the mid-80s later this afternoon. but what a nice weekend we had and we'll continue the streak here into the labor day holiday. >> perfect.
8:31 am
>> yeah, nice. >> let's go back to yesterday and we'll talk about temperatures in the 70s for daytime highs yesterday. hard to believe after the heat we had around here all summer long that we're talking 70s. 79 was the high temperature yesterday out at dulles. 78 bwi marshall. warm spot was reagan national at 82. and i mentioned it will be warmer today, although it should still be pleasant out there. very nice, in fact, with humidity still in check today and high temperatures jumping here over the next couple of hours. we're now up to 65 at reagan national. a lot of low 60s off to the north and west. it was out here, out in the mountains, towards martinsberg and winchester where we had 40s last hour. 52 in martinsberg. 59 in winchester. off to the east, annapolis is 68. a little closer to the bay, water temperatures still well into the 70s. so we'll keep the temperatures up the next couple of morns. 68 in annapolis. 70 in leonardtown. a very nice day. if you're lucky knouff be headed to the beaches, a lot of sunshine. you can see from southern new
8:32 am
england down to the carolinas we have fair weather and a lot of sunshine here next couple of days. out to the west, a few clouds. we'll sigha few clouds in the forecast today so we'll go with mostly sunny. by other than that, high pressure continues through the area for the next couple of days. i know we need the rain showers. it's been two weeks since we have had measurable rain at reagan national. not in the cards this week as we'll remain dry through thursday and tri. get out and enjoy the barbecue. 85 the afternoon high temperature. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, next couple of days we'll warm up to 90 on wednesday, then a cold front will move through with just cloud cover and no rain associated with that. thursday and friday we cool down. highs back into the low 80s. so nice time of year. that's a look at the forecast, steve. over to you. >> tucker, thank you very much. having a loved one deployed can be hard on a family left behind but there are hurdles once they return stateside and try to refit into the family. lillie is the author of a love
8:33 am
a man in uniform, detailing her journeys physical and emotion as the wife of a deployed military officer. and she joins us to talk about this. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> we're going to focus on coming home. because we're seeing more troops coming home. but let's talk about the journey. and you met your husband and shortly after he left for iraq. that was a huge shock. >> it was shocking. when we were dating, we thought that the war would start. and we didn't anticipate we would marry and then in a couple of weeks he was gone. >> and what was that adjustment like? >> i had a fantasy like it what it would be like on the news, the flags, the brass band and it would be very cinematic and happy. what i didn't anticipate was that he was coming home haunted by what he had seen over there and he was in a leadership position and he was responsible for his entire unit and that takes a toll on somebody.
8:34 am
so when he came home and he was quiet, he was not as engaged as he usually was, it was surprising to me, because i thought well the hard part is over, he's back from the war. >> right. >> with the end of combat missions in iraq, we're seeing more people coming home right now. whether or not they get redeployed, we don't know. but for people expecting their loved one to come home in the near future, what is your advice for them? >> to be patient and don't expect it to be the reunion fairy tale because we're seeing it takes time for the soldier to readjust to being home. combat versus the homefront is two different environments so their head may not be in the game for life. they still may be processing what they went to or for the first time in 15 months they are surrounded by quiet. so i think patience is the number one thing to keep in mind. and the spouses go through
8:35 am
changes as well. we've been on our own in some cases 15-18 months. and one thing they tell you in the army, when you get the family readiness briefing, one of the wives who was a military spouse. in order to make my husband feel useful, i didn't change the burned out light bulbs so when he came back he had something to do, so he didn't feel i had replaced his role as the man of the house and i found that funny but somewhat apt because they want to come back and feel like they can reestablish their place as the man of the house. >> do you feel as the one who has been home the whole time, there is less to do now or do you feel like now i'm used to do everything around here. >> a little bit of both. but what i wasn't expecting to have to care for him and caring for him wasn't going, honey what is wrong and let's talk. in many ways it was let me hang back, not pry and let him come around in his own time. and we did face post traumatic stress as a couple and there is a point when not talking is
8:36 am
going to do more harm than good. so you have to choose which direction do you need to do as a spouse and that takes intuition because that is something that you don't get trained on, is how do you deal with what is this regular readjusted before, wow, we really have a problem here. >> and you talk about a number of situations and if kids are involved there is a different story and if they are young they may not recognize the father so much or the mother, or whoever it is overseas. but you talked about doing things together. how important is it to have the support, whether with a spouse or in preparation with loved one overseas. >> i think it's important for spouses to rely on each other for support because we're going through something that people are very sympathetic too but have very little experience with it themselves. so that sisterhood and brotherhood of military spouses is incredible little important. and if you make a forever
8:37 am
friend at whatever installation are at, rely on them to confide in because you will need support. i would have loved to written a book that was hundreds of pages of good news but that is not the reality of military couples. we're going through stresses that the military family hasn't seen ever and i wanted to be honest about how scary it can get, but as far gone as you think your marriage may be, you can certainly come back. >> and we don't want to make it sound like it's 100% negative because you do have other things in here. >> don't forget to mention that i'm funny. >> well torment in there as well. you're keeping it real. and i think a lot of people respect. it's called i love a man in uniform. thanks, lillie. >> thank you, i appreciate that. 8:37 right now. 65 degrees on this monday morning. new zealand rocked by a strong earthquake. an update on the destruction when we come back. and it's time to vote for
8:38 am
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welcome back. well the holiday weekend turned tragic for a family in pasadena. i 2-year-old fell into a pool and drowned. this happened on tick neck road. a family member pulled the little boy out but it was too late. he was taken to the hospital but they could not revive him. new zealand is under a state of emergency after a powerful earthquake struck over the weekend. at least 500 buildings were destroyed by the 7.1 magnitude quake on saturday morning. army has moved in to help secure streets and badly damaged businesses. the downtown area now cordoned off and access is limited to business and building owners. nobody was killed. in oklahoma, six small earthquakes reported there on saturday, ranging up to a 3 magnitude. on wednesday in the same area north of oklahoma city, six
8:42 am
earthquakes were reported and then on friday another one with a magnitude of 2.7. no injuries or damage there. and if you are looking for work or just want a new job, you'll want to stick around. >> coming up, tips from the pros on how to make sure your resume stands out in the crowd. holly. >> reporter: if you want to stand out at the renaissance festival you have to wear your best 16th century ware. but you'll fit in. there are a lot of people costumed up for the renaissance fair going on right now as we speak in crownsville where we are live. you can't talk about the renaissance vest fall and not spend time talking weaponry and we're going to do that coming up next on fox 5 morning news. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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8:45 am
welcome back. that jet blue flight attendant who became an overnight sensation after he told off a plane full of passengers and then slid down the emergency exit has resigned from his job. steven slater had been suspended following his on-
8:46 am
board antics last month. on wednesday he quit. tomorrow he'll be in court where he is facing criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing charges. no word if he'll try to get a job with another airline. we could all use help sprucing up resumes, especially those looking for work. and there are some strategies that could make your resume stand out. >> and joining us this morning with tips is tom disel from the maryland department of work force development. and he's the author of networking for the november is, nervous or naive job-seeker. i love that title. we all fit into one of those at some point. >> most of us don't look for jobs until we have to so it's not something we keep training or keep ourselves up to date on in an on going basis. >> and a lot of people are looking to get the resume just right, and you have five good tips on doing that. and we were sitting in our editorial meeting and saying i bet typos is one and all of
8:47 am
those things do fall into it. but you say quality will trump quantity. >> some people will buy into like a lasting thing and say we can get you a resume for a fee andt get it to several hundred people. if it's not targeted to what the particular company or employer are hiring manager might want, it won't connect. and you generally would have to be pretty bland. really find as much out as you can about the hiring manager or company you are applying to and position the parts of your experience and skill based on what your understanding is of what is important to them and what projects they are working on and then highlight your experience that way. >> is the common wisdom still writing that objective in the front or is that too narrow? >> that's too narrow now. you want to write more of a profile which outlines a lot of your different skill sets and experiences and you can adjust that as we said more toward the particular company and what
8:48 am
they might be needing. because, hey, you can talk about what you can do for them. but if you start with an objective, it's like i'm seeking a position as a broadcast journalist. all you told me is what job you're looking for. >> and rather than describe what you did or what you might want, describe how well you did the job. how do you do that? >> you could say well, if a station manager is looking at a couple of resumes and one said broadcast weekly news station and that's all, but then another one comes in that said broadcasted in a market of -- what is your typical viewership that regularly time slot and that gives the reader the sense of quality product just by that. and sometimes you have to encourage people to get passed that. and you say it's not bragging if you can back it up. and if it's true -- >> it's hard to do that. >> but if you don't say it about yourself, who is going to. the job market is incredibly
8:49 am
competitive. >> talk about quality control. >> i think sometimes for e of t that happened is spell check because i would say 80 or 90% of the mistakes i'll see on resumes i review can be traced to spell check. on something like a headline when you go to all upper case, spell check is turned off. i've seen some very embarrassing titles that was misspelled because they didn't see the red flag. i had another woman who -- a funny typo, she mentioned she was a member of the broad of trade, not the board of trade. >> that's not what we're advertising. lack of understanding regarding the online resume process. >> when applying online or going on websites or applying at company's home pages, your resume is going to be using scanning software and the first
8:50 am
thing they do to lower the number of the pile down is interject key words. so it's very important to analyze any announcements you are looking at, especially of the words in the requirements for the job. and make sure you have them on there. big in this area, as a lot of the military is, it says security clearance. if you have that security clearance or certification, make sure its spelled out exactly the way it appears in the announcement because that's how the recruiter will key word search the data base. >> and online is what we're doing any more. and you have another tip talking about feedback extremes and -- >> some people, once it's done they don't want feedback and as others keep going, they keep changing gears. find a few people you trust, whose views you trust and stick with them. >> tom zel, thank you very much. >> happy labor day.
8:51 am
>> hopefully someone will take those tips and get gainfully employed. check out our job of the day at our job shop at and click on the tab at the top of the home page. we always say holly has one of the best jobs. today is no different and she joins us with a preview of the 34th annual maryland renaissance festival. >> reporter: good morning. i think it would be better if i had a turkey leg in hand and pain a big thing of ale. that is available here. they have multiple pubs at the maryland pen sans festival here at revel grove. and you don't want to miss the shows that have to do with weaponry and militia. and to jim frank, who i am hanging out with you. sir. >> good morning. >> reporter: and you played nimblewick. >> it is firing cannons and
8:52 am
making long bows that we do here at 2:30 for a demonstration. >> reporter: and right now at 8:45 we're giving our own demonstration. and tell me what we have going on here? >> the long bow is made out of a militia tent. you have on the armed guard and finger tabs to protect yourself and the target is right there. >> reporter: so i should turn around. okay. arrow knocked up. i had a hard time keeping it on here to tell you the truth. >> as soon as it gets knocked it will hold it on the bow. face the target, arm out. >> reporter: i'm keeping both eyes open, and hey. >> just like that. >> reporter: not so bad. >> quick draw and fire. >> reporter: until nimble wick shows up. >> we have another one to knock
8:53 am
up for you. >> reporter: wow. >> look at you. i guess that's why you're doing it. it's not your first day. >> not my first time. >> reporter: and would this have been -- this would not have just been for sport? >> no. this is a war weapon. they have a accuracy of # -- 400 yards and they can deliver war from aabove and with -- above and they can launch 50 arrows in the first part of war. they just look up and see the goose feathers. >> reporter: how do i know which way it goes? >> a secret tab. this is a traditional air yo flexed out to 16 inches and they try them on so they don't fall off. >> reporter: let's try this one. >> you killed my stand. >> reporter: that stand was bothering me. i did better. talk about -- i was closing one
8:54 am
eye and i think i did better when i closed one eye. now i need to keep both eyes open? >> you see both the target and the entire field. everybody has a strong and weak eye. so what happens is if you close one eye the target will move from the strong to the weak eye and that's an issue. your target moves why trying to shoot. why make it harder. >> did come do this? >> when it became a leisure. well at first it was a war sport. in fact all of the long bow makers -- >> reporter: i am stuck with my first one. >> all of the bow makers lived on the same street inside the walls and they weren't along to immigrate because it is it was top making war technology. >> reporter: and what would king henry think of this today? >> he was a huge proponent of archery. >> reporter: i think i shocked somebody.
8:55 am
holly is never to be allowed into jousting again. >> at least you don't have a horse. they're back there. >> reporter: shoot one more. and now we have a link to the maryland renaissance festival. that's what i'm talking about. we're ending on a bull's eye right now. check out their demonstration at 2:30. and the festival runs on the weekends through october 23rd and 24th. we'll see what kind of other fun we can find in the next hour. back to you. >> i'm impressed with the aim. the first time. it's good, holly. 8:55 on this labor day. a popular brand of pet treats being recalled. and also coming up in the next hour, how to get work done on your car that won't leave you feeling intimidated or broke. that's coming up. stay with us. rd g is my favorite thing.
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new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section it's 8:58. so as we creep closer to 9:00, that will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news. we still have one more hour to go with allison and gurvir to
8:59 am
take us up to 10:00. here is a look at the stories for 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. a warning to students at the university of maryland. we'll tell you about a string of attacks near campus that has left several students badly beaten. >> also big changes coming for an online giant. well let you know about the changes made that some state's top lawyers have been working on for years. and a product recall, involving a pet product. what you need to know to keep fido and fluffy safe. >> do you think anybody names their dog fido and fluffy any more, or whatever your dog's name happens to be. >> today is a good day to get the dog out for a walk. i bet you they're feeling brisky. >> tucker barnes joins us with a look at the forecast. >> temperatures in the 40s off to the north and west this morning. but with bright sunshine we're expecting highs later today back in the mid-80s.

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